Manchester Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental treatments available in Manchester

Manchester, like London, has many top quality cosmetic dental practices within the city and can provide all the major cosmetic dental procedures which are found elsewhere :

What cosmetic dental treatments are available in Manchester ?

To get a full idea of the range of cosmetic dental procedures that are available and to find out which is suitable for your own particular needs, why not contact a Manchester dentist to arrange a consultation.

Dental Implants and Dentures
The method of replacing lost teeth favoured by cosmetic dentists worldwide; dental implants offer a strong base upon which to place a crown or other replacement tooth. A hole is drilled into the jawbone and the implant, which is made of titanium or titanium alloy, is placed into it before the attachment is added to the top of it. If a mini dental implant is used, as they increasingly are, these can be used to fasten dentures in place which prevents the common problem of them working loose and therefore makes life more comfortable for denture wearers.

Smile Makeover
A smile makeover is not a single dental procedure, but is a term used for a series of procedures that improve the overall health and look of your teeth. These can include dental implants and crowns to repair any damaged or missing teeth but will also include methods for whitening your teeth. This may just be a simple tooth whitening procedure, or if your teeth are badly discoloured or perhaps chipped or damaged, it may be recommended that dental veneers are fitted to the front of your teeth to correct the appearance and also offer that brilliant white smile sought after by so many.

Teeth Whitening
It is a fact of life that as we age, our teeth gradually become discoloured as the colour of the molecules darken. Add to this, factors such as tea or red wine drinking, and of course, smoking, will only add to this. For most people perhaps, a simple tooth whitening procedure which takes around an hour and is non invasive is often sufficient to whiten the teeth. To do this, a whitening gel is applied to the teeth and the lips held back to prevent any damage. A light is then shone onto the gel which activates it to removed the discoloured molecules. As this procedure doesn't damage the structure of the teeth, this procedure can be repeated until the desired whiteness is achieved.

Dental Veneers
As previously stated, if a tooth whitening procedure is insufficient to reach the degree of whiteness you require, or if your teeth are chipped or damaged, dental veneers may be used. To attach these, an impression is taken from your own teeth to create the veneers which are made from an extremely thin layer of porcelain. A similar amount of the front of the teeth is then removed using a precision tool called a burr. Once this has been removed, the veneers are attached using dental cement. This leaves the patient with a far superior white smile than could have been achieved simply by a tooth whitening procedure.

Tooth Coloured Fillings
You are far from alone if you have a filling or two which is made from amalgam, that dark, metallic material. This has been used for many years in the dental industry and there is little doubt that it has been very successful although some do question the safety of the mercury used in them. Whatever the pros and cons though, there is little doubt that these fillings are not aesthetically pleasing and no one really likes to reveal them when they smile. There is now an alternative though in tooth coloured fillings. These are often made from a mixture of resin, glass and a setting ingredient. This mixture can be coloured to match your original teeth. For some years, people have suspected these are not as strong as amalgam and many dentists still prefer amalgam for the rear teeth which get more wear and tear through chewing, but the new fillings have improved greatly in strength and it is now not so much of an issue as it used to be. Your dentist will advise which is best for your particular case.

Root Canal Treatment
The supposed pain of root canal treatment is a bit of an urban myth but one which is widespread. In fact, providing that there is no abscess present (and a good dentist would treat this with antibiotics prior to any root canal treatment anyway) there should be no more pain or discomfort attached to root canal treatment than a normal filling. To perform the procedure, a local anesthetic is administered and the soft root material cleaned out and filled. This prevents any further infection being possible, although it is still important to maintain good oral care to prevent gum disease in that area.