A remedy for teeth in poor condition

Latest dental treatments to really make a difference for worn, stained and broken teeth

Data shows that amongst the most popular cosmetic dental procedures which were performed at a cosmetic dentist in Ashby in the last year were teeth whitening, invisible braces and dental implants. These procedures seem to cover quite a broad range of remedies for different problems. Tooth whitening is probably the most popular procedure for a number of reasons. Not only are the results instant and therefore make it the perfect 'booster' when attending important social occasions, it is also a fast procedure, taking around an hour and is also the most affordable. It is certainly one which many brides to be go for before their weddings. Whilst there doesn't have to be a great deal of commitment behind this particular procedure, dental implants and invisible braces do require a certain amount.

Invisible braces are an excellent method to straighten teeth that have grown crooked or where a gap appears due to misalignment and whilst it is true that invisible braces certainly don’t have the stigma or discomfort attached that traditional braces did, they do still require a long tern commitment, as depending on the severity of the problem they are trying to correct, they will still need to be worn for over a year and sometimes two or three in some cases. This is a long term commitment that needs to be made in order to give the braces time to work. They are however, much more comfortable to wear and some can even be removed whilst eating and for the purpose of cleaning the teeth. They can also be removed for an important event, for example, a TV appearance; however, the longer they are out, the greater the time it will take to correct the alignment of the teeth.

Dental implants also, whilst providing the best solution to replace lost teeth, take a certain amount of commitment before being placed. This is largely down the healing time that is needed for them to become fully functional. Once an implant has been placed, it takes around three months before the crown can be attached to provide the full replacement. Even when this has been added, the tooth will feel a little unnatural and most people start off by eating softer foods until they become more comfortable and more confidence in the implant is felt.

Despite the levels of commitment needed however, these and many other cosmetic dental procedures can make a great deal of difference to a person’s life and not only provide them with nicer looking teeth and teeth that function well, but also help to improve a person’s confidence thereby helping them to progress not only in their professional life but in their personal life also.