Keeping the Dental Patient Satisfied

How the surroundings of a dental practice contribute to patient care

Whilst the main thing that any patient wants from his dentist is his skills to repair their dental problem with the most comfort possible, there are other factors too which all add up to the dental experience which will ultimately allow the patient to decide whether to repeat his visit to that dentist or find an alternative dentist.  More and more dentists are realising this and whether a patient has come in for a straightforward check up or to have an implant fitted safely, they can now expect to receive top quality treatment in pleasant but practical surroundings.

One of the main factors which determine whether the experience is pleasant or not is the dental practice itself. Long gone are the uncomfortable and somewhat shabby looking plastic chairs of old that were often worn at the edges through people gripping it tightly during a dental procedure. Newer dental chairs are much more relaxing and comfortable allowing both the patient to relax easier and the dentist to have better access to the patients mouth, making the whole process much easier than it was i the past. We now all expect our dentist to wear masks and gloves when working on our teeth. This is a must for hygiene and protects both the dentist and the patient from any risk of cross infection. This alone though will not suffice and most good dentists now have in house specialist equipment for sterilisation of equipment and many now also bring in specialist cleaning firms that deal with medical offices. This ensures that the whole building is thoroughly cleaned, including the waiting room. This thorough cleanliness dramatically reduces the risk of infections.

In fact, it is the waiting room which often holds sway in people's minds when they make a decision about which dentist to attend. There is nothing worse than feeling nervous about your impending dental procedure, only to be greeted in the waiting room by a grumpy receptionist and then to sit down and face a wall full of gruesome dental pictures and other medical advice which may only serve to worry you more. Thankfully, dentists now are much more aware of the need to treat patients with respect and courtesy and train their staff accordingly. The decor of waiting rooms also tends towards the warm and relaxing, often with wall mounted TVs to distract the patient from their worries.

Of course, the dentist must be good at his job and reassurance of continual training visibly displayed can also reassure the patient that they are receiving the very best care possible.