Proactive treatments for a healthy mouth

Regular care of teeth and gums

Cosmetic dentists have earned an unfair reputation amongst a lot of people for being expensive and keen to take the money. Whilst we do live in a competitive environment this is rather an unfair portrayal of cosmetic dentists and not only is the reason for the cost of most treatments perhaps more expensive because of the equipment needed, a great many extra years of training are also taken to make sure that they are fully competent in their work. There is another side however to being a cosmetic dentist and that is in an advisory capacity. No cosmetic dentist would for example encourage a patient to eat a lot of sugar so that they could improve their profit margin; in fact, most cosmetic dentists offer advice about the best way to actually avoid the need for any treatment.

One of the main areas of education that they embark upon to improve a patient’s oral health is gum care. Whilst this may surprise some people, gum care is one of the most important things that a person can do to ensure that their teeth remain in good condition and with the incidence of gum disease on the rise across Staffordshire as well as the rest of the UK, we spoke to a dentist offering good dental care in Burton who has this as number one priority for his patients.

This advice can be geared towards individual patients and for many people it is no more than simple advice about how to brush and floss their teeth correctly. Providing that there are no other factors, this alone should make a big difference to their oral health. Dietary advice is also important such as reducing sugars in the diet and certainly ensuring that the teeth remain free of sugary residues which will eat away at the enamel of the teeth too.

Many dental practices also have oral health personnel who specialise in this field and can offer extra advice that from skills and experience that they have gained over many years.

If all else fails though, or if a patient ignores the advice, there are still a good many cosmetic dental procedures which can go some way to repairing any damage that is done through neglect.