A new smile and straight teeth for your wedding day

Can I get my teeth straightened in less than 6 months?

You may be planning a forthcoming wedding in the coming months and making all of the preparations including the wedding photographs? You may also be thinking about how those wedding shots will be in the family and proudly displayed for years to come. So how are you going to look your best? Perhaps a little weight loss with a focused diet or maybe straighter whiter teeth so you can really show off your smile.

The wedding photographs will be passed down through the family generations as well as in your own lifetime so it really is worth trying to look 'a million dollars' for them? If you are considering having your crooked teeth straightened, the good news is that as long as you still have six months or so to go, then there is a new treatment called the six month smile which may be able to help you. To be clear though, It should be noted that this is an average time period and you will need to consult your dentist or orthodontist to get a clear idea for your particular case.

This revolutionary 6 month smiles procedure uses small natural coloured brackets and subtle wiring and only attaches on the visible teeth. As a result, they are more comfortable to wear and much quicker and cheaper than many other brace systems, hence their popularity.

So although there are an increasing number of modern invisible braces treatments available on the market today, please consider six month smiles if you are looking for something that is fast, effective and good value.