Modern dental procedure provides new teeth quickly

How the all on 4 process makes getting replacement teeth easier than before

If you are missing some teeth, you are probably aware of the gaps on a daily basis as you feel them with your tongue. Perhaps you have been tempted to have dentures fitted but declined as they are only for 'old people'. If this is you and you would really love to have a full set of teeth but without having to have dentures, then the 'all on 4' procedure could be just the thing for you.

A great many people do lose a number of teeth as they get older and often have these replaced by dentures. These however can be quite uncomfortable and because of the lack of a tooth root in the bone, will cause bone loss in the jaw itself.

Dental implants can of course be used to replace these teeth but if a number have been lost, then this would entail a great number of visits to the dentist as well as a very large bill indeed.

The great thing about the 'all on 4' procedure which was invented by the Portuguese implantologist Dr Paulo Malo is that the whole thing can be done in a single day. Once fixed, these 4 dental implants are usually used to hold a fixed bridge in place though on occasions a similar technique can be used to stabilise dentures too.

One of the best sources of information about this new procedure can be found at Darren Bywater’s Dental Implant Practice website.

The 'magic' of this procedure is that whilst it uses traditional dental implants for the front which are placed at the usual 90 degree angle, the two dental implants at the rear are special versions but retain the strength of standard dental implants by being placed at a 45 degree angle in the jaw. As soon as these have been placed, the bridge (or dentures) are attached and the patient free to leave the dental surgery with a new set of teeth.

Naturally, you should be careful about what you eat for a while afterwards and softer foods are recommended to allow the implants time to be fully embedded without damage. However, this minor inconvenience is easily 'suffered' due to the ease of care of the new teeth. Unlike dentures, the fixed bridge will remain in place and can be cleaned exactly as you would your regular teeth. It is important to note that they SHOULD be cleaned even though they will not decay, as gum disease will become a problem if the teeth and gums are not kept clean.

With this method, there is no need to take your teeth out at night which can be something of a dilemma for those entering a new relationship and your teeth should last you for a great many years to come! The new all on 4 procedure is bring benefits to many dental patients across the UK.